Schlagzeugunterricht ... bequem zu Hause!!

    Enjoy your drum lessons ...  at home!!

In  Munich


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  Phone: 0176-811 95 137

  Mail: drumship@gmx.de

Thank you for booking DrumShip. When contacting us please let us know if you prefer being educated at home or in a studio. Choose between drum coaching, musictheory, guitar-comping, musical memory training, songwriting and further available offerings.

You can choose between the following payment methods:

Monthly invoice or voucher.

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This is the official DrumShip site. Here you get the information when and how to book us.

In Munich:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Drum-Coaching: 30 min à 30 €

Drum-Coaching: 40 min à 40 €

Focus-Relax-Training 75 € per unit

Individual costs for home education visits


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